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It’s all about speed and accuracy these days. Consumers want their packages as soon as possible, and on the flip side, manual review agents need to review orders faster than ever before while balancing accuracy and efficiency. So as digital commerce continues to evolve and become more popular, it’s imperative to arm manual review agents with the right solution to approve more good customers and reduce fraud.

With over 1.2 billion searches performed in 2018, Pro Insight is the only global identity review solution that provides manual review agents six ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and focused user experience. With Pro Insight Deep Links, manual review agents can eliminate the time it takes to copy/paste between windows by performing one-click autofill on transaction details and view Identity Review results directly out of their platform.

What is Included in Pro Insight?

  • Identity Review – allows for a quick comprehensive view of the identity behind a transaction by cross-checking the 5 core digital and traditional data attributes— email, phone, name, primary and secondary addresses, and IP.
  • Global Confidence Score – provides a quick first view of the risk associated with an identity by leveraging real-time global data, millions of transactional patterns across our Identity Network, machine learning, and sophisticated data science. The higher the score, the riskier the transaction.
  • Key positive and negative signals – located on each side of the Confidence Score, these dynamic signals provide insight into what’s driving the score/number. They evolve based on the most current fraud trends seen by our Identity Network and are weighted by impact and listed in order of importance, with the strongest signals listed first.
  • Results columns – provides details for all 5 attributes, an option to view additional in-depth details, and blue match icons and orange warning icons.
  • Network Insights – leverages sophisticated data science and machine learning to provide the most predictive signals of fraudulent activity: velocity, popularity, and volatility. These are derived from historical transactions and feedback data from our global Identity Network of thousands of customers.
    • Velocity indicates the number of times an identity attribute was seen in recent transactions
    • Popularity indicates the number of merchants where an attribute (phone, billing address and/or shipping address) is seen in recent transactions
    • Volatility indicates the number of times an attribute of an identity has changed over the last 90 days

  • Distance calculation map – an interactive tool that shows a visual representation of the distances between the inputs: phone, billing address, shipping address, and IP.
  • Admin tools, reporting, and advanced analytics – view detailed reports on usage, users, and coverage (available in list view and for export)
  • Deep Links – a free Chrome extension that allows you to approve good orders at scale and optimize your queues. The extension pulls data directly from the platform and automatically populates the Identity Review results page.

The rich and granular data provided by Pro Insight enables organizations of all sizes to assess identity risk, approve good transactions, and investigate fraud on a global scale. We built this tool with a foundation of over 20 years of global data sourcing, a proprietary network that analyzes millions of historical transactions across our customer base and uses this intelligence for any new transaction, and one goal in mind— to create the top manual review solution on the market. Making fraud detection around the world, Pro Insight reduces queue times for manual review agents, improves customer satisfaction, and provides agents with a single cross-border solution to verify an identity behind a transaction.

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