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Mastercard Identity solutions provide the trust and clarity you need to manage fraud

Confidently verify good customers, authorize transactions faster and reduce fraud risk — all with less friction

When you prevent fraud and enhance the customer experience, you increase revenue and trust in your platform

Using advanced data analysis and risk assessment techniques, Mastercard helps businesses minimize risk and prevent fraud for themselves, their customers and the greater payments ecosystem.

Network signals

Assess the risk of behavioral signals to determine probability of fraud.

Quality data yields quality results

Reliable identity verification starts with data that’s been vetted, groomed and proven.

Secure responses

All transactions and data are hashed for security.

Distance calculations

Responses include distances between inputs, such as IP and shipping and/or billing addresses.

Risk signals

Understand how a customer’s digital identity elements are connected and being used online.


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Pro Insight

A manual fraud review SaaS tool to approve or deny transactions quickly and confidently

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Account Opening API

Onboard more customers with higher confidence and negligible friction

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Transaction Risk API

Maximize approval rates while managing transaction fraud

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Address Risk API

Quickly validate and assess the risk of any address in the world

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Phone Intelligence API

Verify users through data associated with a single phone number

Trusted by over 2,000 companies and partners worldwide

“Saved $12,500 per month in fraud losses and generated an additional $365,000 per month in revenue from false positives reduction.”

– Asia Pacific Payments Company

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