Transaction Fraud

Maximize approval rates while fighting payment fraud in every card-not-present transaction. Offer a great customer experience in every touchpoint while expediting authorizations and reducing customer friction.

Optimize Your Customer Experience

Provide a fast and trusted experience to increase your customer base, improve retention, and boost sales.

Stop Fraud Early

Utilize data-driven insights and query-level intelligence to identify fraud early in the transaction flow.

Reduce False Declines

Analyze rejected transactions using proprietary risk scores to prevent falsely declined transactions.

Where Transaction Fraud Occurs


Prior to processing the transaction for authorization, fraudulent transactions could be detected and flagged in the shopping cart – at an early stage of the workflow.

During Transaction Workflow

As part of the transaction workflow process, rejected transactions can be assessed for true fraud or falsely declined good customers.

In Manual Review

In the later stage of the workflow – post-authorization, questionable transactions could be flagged and sent forward for manual review.

The Ekata Solution

By catching fraud earlier in the purchase process, you can save your business the cost of the lost transaction as well as reduce chargebacks and the associated fees. Transaction Risk API produces a response that predicts fraud quickly at enterprise-level volumes.

Transaction Risk API

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Resources: Webinar

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