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Account Opening API

Take Action on High-Risk Accounts to Mitigate Losses from Synthetic Identity Fraud

Account Opening API expedites the user experience for good customers while preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money, or carry out credit bust-out schemes.

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How it Works

Provide application details (of up to 13 inputs, 2 required) and receive critical insights to help you confidently assess the risk of your customer around the world.

Network Signals

Returns three proprietary signals to assess the riskiness of the location address (IP last seen), the phone (phone last seen), and the combination of the phone and email provided (phone email first seen).

Enriched Phone Metadata

Gain insight into the line type of the phone number, the phone carrier, and country code, which can all often be a strong indicator for fraud.

IP Distance from Address Calculations

Gauge the distance between your customer’s IP and their provided addresses.

Risk Flags and Scores

Leverage model-derived predictions, Identity Risk Score, Identity Network Score, and IP Risk flag, in your risk models to assess the riskiness of the application.

Match Statuses to Name

Confirm that the email, phone, and address information provided in the application are associated with the customer name.

Account Opening API Solves For

Reducing Application Abandonment

Capture opportunities to reduce friction and tailor a faster, easier, and more efficient application process for your low-risk applicants while ensuring data accuracy.

Securing Personal Lending

Avoid the disappearance of illegitimate borrowers by preventing them from setting up an account with false or misleading information.

Preventing Credit Bust-Out

Take proactive measures to stop bad actors from establishing a presence and manipulating their accounts before it happens.

Key Benefits

Make Decisions with Confidence

Ekata’s Network and Identity Risk Scores provide the confidence to convert customers faster with less friction, driving revenue.

Ensure Flexibility

Flexibility to support massive, sustained query-per-second volume requirements while reliably retaining low latencies.

Validate Each Data Point

Evaluate the authenticity of user input details such as email, phone, address provided by the applicant.

Detect Active and Passive Activities

Track and identify recent activity to determine the riskiness of data elements, based on when they were last seen.

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Resources: ebook

Synthetic Identity Theft: A Fast-Growing Crime That Threatens Every Business

In this eBook, learn why synthetic identities can be difficult to detect, how fraudsters use this tactic to exploit various types of businesses, and what best practices you can take to battle synthetic identity theft.

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Resources: Interactive Visualization

Explore the Data: Verifying Global Identities at Scale

In this interactive data visualization, learn how our core technology, the Ekata Identity Engine, combines unique data with sophisticated machine learning to provide you valuable insights to help you improve confidence in your fraud analysis.

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