Fulfill Good Orders Faster and Fight Fraud

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Preserving quality customer experience while stopping online fraud requires companies to verify identities without adding friction. Learn more about identity verification and risk assessments for online retail with Ekata.

Improve Order Processes

Improve Authorization Rates

Clear Good Orders Faster

Approve more quality orders in a fraction of the time and increase customer satisfaction with automation.

Prevent Fraud

Stop promo abuse and reduce chargebacks by 40% with real-time identity data and sophisticated machine learning

Automate Processes

Implement direct workflow integration to cut manual review time in half.

Transaction Risk API

Reduce false declines and catch fraud in the process by utilizing Transaction Risk API. Accurately assess the overall risk of an identity using given data such as name, email, phone, address, and IP. In under 100 ms, Transaction Risk API scales for any low-latency, high volume model requirements.

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Account Opening

Defend against promo abuse and inventory risk and safeguard marketplace integrity by assessing risk earlier in the customer journey with our account opening solution. With only an IP address and an email address or a phone number, companies can confidently sort customers by risk level — without adding friction to the sign-up flow for good consumers.

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Pro Insight

Built for manual review on fraud analysis teams, Pro Insight provides six ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and comprehensive view for agents. Our web interface displays results that include the Identity Risk Score, key explainability signals that impact the score, match statuses, and in-depth details for each individual data attribute.

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Digital Commerce 360 Report

In this report from industry expert Digital Commerce 360, you’ll hear from fellow retailers on how they are preparing to navigate shipping and supply chain challenges, address labor shortages, and invest in omnichannel and website performance ahead of the busy peak season.

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