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Transaction Risk API

Improve transaction security, maximize approval rates and prevent payment fraud.

Transaction Risk API analyzes client-provided identity data to provide payment operations teams with risk scores and actionable insights to manage global fraud and enhance the customer experience.

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Reduce false declines and prevent fraudulent transactions

The Transaction Risk API passes every digital transaction through several gateways before approval, with filters at each sequential gateway configured to spot the probability of fraud at that point in the transaction flow. When fraud is flagged early in the process, you reduce the number of fraudulent transactions in the workflow and minimize the number of false positives.

By catching fraud in the purchase process, you can save your business the cost of the lost transaction and reduce chargebacks with associated fees.

Top predictability data provides actionable fraud signals

Predict fraud quickly and at enterprise-levels through signals provided by the Identity Network.

Increase approval rates

Quickly and easily increase revenue by automating the acceptance of low-risk orders to boost overall approval rates for good customers.

Stop fraud early

By flagging risky transactions early in the approval workflow you can reduce downstream costs and the impact of false positives.

Optimize digital customer experience

Provide an experience that’s fast and instills trust in your customer base to improve retention and boost lifetime customer value.

How it works

Provide up to 26 transaction details per query and receive critical insights around individual and combinations of data points to help you confidently assess the risk of a transaction.

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Network signals

Leverage seven proprietary signals around primary and secondary emails (email first seen) and addresses (address first seen), as well as the location address (IP last seen), phone (phone last seen) and combination of phone and IP provided (phone/ IP last seen) to improve the accuracy of your fraud models.

Validity checks for payment details

Evaluate the authenticity of billing and shipping details such as the customer provided email, phone and address.

Enriched phone metadata

Gain insight into the line type of the number, which can often be a strong indicator of fraud.

IP distance from address calculations

Gauge the distance between your customer’s IP and their provided addresses.

Risk flags and scores

Use model-derived signals such as Identity Risk Score (also known as Transaction Risk Score), Identity Network Score and IP Risk Flag in your risk models to gauge customer risk.

Match association of provided data to name

Confirm that the email(s), phone(s) and address(es) provided for the transaction are associated with the customer’s name.

The right solution for your industry

Choose a solution tailored to your pain points. Align the benefits that apply to your business and industry:

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Improve customer acquisition rates

Consumers demand instant responses in all digital interactions, including account onboarding.

Mastercard Identity Network data is powered by Ekata and expedites the user experience for good applicants to help you meet your customer acquisition goals — while also preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money or execute break-out schemes.

Verify customers with confidence

Network and Identity Risk Scores are predictive signals that give you the confidence to convert good customers faster with low-friction onboarding.

Reduce abandonment for thin-file customers

Utilize a dynamic data set of identity elements, linkages and real-time behavior patterns to confidently validate all applicants—even those with a limited financial history.

Prevent identity fraud

Use the power of machine learning to quickly analyze probabilistic risk indicators and determine if the applicant is a real person and are who they claim to be.

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Stop fraud from eating into your bottom line

As more customers move online and fraudsters become more sophisticated, ecommerce companies benefit from assessing fraud risk before a customer gets to the checkout page.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of customers as low- and high-risk, allowing you to tailor their experience accordingly.

Keep sign-up flows simple

Determine risk with minimal information, enabling good customers to onboard quickly and easily to start transacting.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to customers growing your business.

Flag risky users during sign-up

Deter risky users without preventing account opening by adding friction to their experience and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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Maintain platform integrity and consumer trust

As fraudsters seek new places to gain a foothold, ensuring they’re not allowed entry to your marketplace is key — and a friction-free identity solution that assesses risk upfront can help.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of users into low- and high-risk buckets to deny bad actors access to your platform.

Maintain your reputation

Weed out cybercriminals during account opening to ensure they can’t damage your company’s hard-earned reputation.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses and loyalty discounts are provided only to customers growing your business.

Protect your users

Reject high-risk applications to help ensure the safety of your user base, your platform and the health of the payments ecosystem.


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