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Phone Intelligence API

Assess the risk of a digital interaction based on phone number validation, metadata and activity.

Our data insights are here to help streamline your risk assessment and free up good users to transact with your organization.

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You can learn a lot about a potential customer from their phone number

Provide us with a single customer phone number and receive detailed and authoritative phone data to identify fake account sign-ups, informed risk models and segmented and analyzed databases.

  • Enable contact validation and decision-making for users all over the world with accurate and detailed insights into a phone number.
  • Use authoritative phone data to improve risk models to add friction to risky user interactions and help identify fake user account sign-ups.
  • Create low-friction experiences during onboarding to confidently approve good users and improve conversion rates.

Simplify sign-up flows

Assess risk with a single phone number to support mobile-driven sign-ups without requiring additional customer input.

Flag risky users earlier

Use authoritative phone data to flag risky users and deter fraudulent transactions without adding friction to account opening.

Expedite sign-ups

Provide a low-friction transaction experience for good customers by automatically accepting low-risk customer sign-ups.

How it works

Provide a phone number for any customer interaction, and you’ll receive valuable information to help you validate the user and determine risk.

Below is a sample of what you’ll receive.

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Carrier information

Identify the company that provides voice or data services for a given phone number.

Phone validity check

Phone numbers are determined to be real or not real, with a valid area code.

Country details

Access the country calling code, country code and country name associated with the phone number.

Prepaid account check

Indicate whether the phone number is associated with a prepaid account.


How often a number has been observed in the Global Identity Network — a network consisting of over 200 million monthly, anonymized, real-world queries — over the past 90 days.


How many merchants have transacted with this phone number in the past 90 days.

The right solution for your industry

Choose a solution tailored to your pain points. Check out the benefits that apply to your industry:

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Improve customer acquisition rates

Consumers demand instant gratification in all digital transactions, including opening an account online.

Mastercard data expedites the user experience for good applicants to help you meet your customer acquisition goals while preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money or execute bust-out schemes.

Verify customers with confidence

Network and Identity Risk Scores are predictive signals that give you the confidence to convert good customers faster with low-friction onboarding.

Reduce abandonment for thin-file customers

Utilize a dynamic data set of identity elements, linkages, and real-time behavior patterns to confidently validate all applicants.

Prevent identity fraud

Leverage the power of machine learning to analyze probabilistic risk indicators and determine if the applicant is a real person and is who they claim to be.

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Stop fraud from eating into your bottom line

As more customers move online and fraudsters become more sophisticated, ecommerce companies benefit from assessing fraud risk before a customer gets to the check-out page.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of customers into low-risk and high-risk buckets that allow you to tailor their experience on your platform.

Keep sign-up flows simple

Determine risk with minimal information, enabling good customers to start transacting fast.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to the people growing your business.

Flag risky users during sign-up

Flag risky users without preventing account opening by adding friction to their experience to deter fraudulent transactions.

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Maintain platform integrity and consumer trust

As fraudsters seek new places to gain a foothold, ensuring they’re not allowed entry into your marketplace in the first place is key — and an identity verification solution that assesses risk upfront without adding friction can help.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of users into low-risk and high-risk buckets that keep bad actors off your platform.

Maintain your reputation

Weed out bad actors during the account opening process to ensure they can’t behave in a way that damages your company’s hard-won reputation.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to the people growing your platform.

Protect your users

Reject high-risk applications to help ensure the safety of your user base.


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Dive deeper into the technical features of the Phone Intelligence API

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Increasing ecommerce sales through pre-authorization screening

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