Payment Authentication

Payment acquirers and processors can authenticate more legitimate transactions by implementing Transaction Risk API into their pre-authorization risk assessment models.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce friction throughout the transaction journey, from checkout to payment authorization.

Improve Authorization Rates

Maximize conversion rates by leveraging payment provider relationships and assessing transaction riskiness.

Differentiate with Third-Party Data

Acquiring processors can help merchants evaluate riskier transactions and normalize data formats for sharing.

How To Optimize Payment Authentication

Pre-authorization Risk Assessment

Evaluate transaction risk real-time before authorization to make decisions that drive higher authorization rates.

Fraud Management

Build a better fraud platform for your merchants by integrating identity data into the platform.

A global payment service provider based in Asia increased approvals by 18% while also reducing chargebacks by 17%


To understand potential fraud risk, it is important to know who your customers are and how their information is being used online. Evaluating these identity elements throughout the payments ecosystem could enhance information sharing between processors and merchants and build trusted relationships across the ecosystem.



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