Ekata is the new standard in global identity verification.

Businesses worldwide use our APIs and SaaS solution to link any digital transaction back to the human behind it.

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Maximizing Predictability for Cross-Border Digital Commerce

We verify over 1.8B requests in 238 countries for 1700+ companies to reduce customer friction, approve more good transactions, and catch fraud around the globe.

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Use Cases

Ekata builds products to solve the customers need for speed, scale, stability, and security in their identity verification data.  Whether you are assessing quality data for pre-authorization or post-authorization payments risk model to improve AUC, streamlining a new account opening and on-boarding process to build trust in your marketplace, optimizing the automated decisioning rules to verify and fulfill more orders, or training a bad-ass team of manual review agents to find difficult fraud, Ekata’s suite of solutions can help.

Ekata, with Transaction Risk API, wins the 2019 Best in Payments API award from the world’s largest API and developer conference, API World.

“… is a shining example of the API technologies now empowering developers & engineers to build upon the backbone of the multi-trillion-dollar market for API-driven products and services. Today’s cloud-based software and hardware increasingly runs on an open ecosystem of API-centric architecture, and each win here at the 2019 API Awards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the API Economy.”
Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, producer of API Word & the 2019 API Awards.

    Whitepages split, Ekata formed

    Whitepages splits into two separate entities, forms new enterprise-focused company Ekata. The idea behind the split is to better serve different customer needs. “Our new brand, Ekata and independent operations reflect the integral role we play in helping many of the world’s biggest digital commerce businesses link a digital identity back to a human,” CEO of Ekata, Rob Eleveld said in a statement.


      Prepared for PSD2?

      Many Retailers Aren’t Prepared for PSD2 – But Are Consumers? Firms must soon put more stringent fraud decisioning processes in place, and strong customer authentication (SCA) protocols must be built into checkout flows for online transactions that begin in Europe. While regulatory and governmental bodies are still debating PSD2’s full reach, the latest PSD2 Tracker looks at how retailers are approaching SCA as they face potential losses under the rule.


        Value of Pre-Authorization

        The value of pre-authorization screening in the payments ecosystem of today. Ekata’s definition of pre-authorization is the time period after payment details have been submitted, and before sending to the issuer for authorization request. This means only good transactions are sent to the issuer. To pre-authorize transactions means to be proactive rather than reactive. It is innovative because it works as a dynamic layer to help prevent fraud and improve customer experience.



        eBook: Pre-Authorization

        “The Value of Pre-Authorization Screening in the Payments Ecosystem of Today” eBook, highlights essential ways pre-authorization screening solves payment challenges. Learn not only about the difficulties in the transactions space, but how to create a layered identity verification approach that will solve PSD2 and fraud headaches.

        8.6.19   Payments

        Frankfurt Data Center Live

        The Ekata team is excited to share that we deployed a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We have done extensive planning, testing, and development to prepare for our product endpoints to be supported in multiple regions around the world, and this was our next step in that evolution.

        7.9.19   Product

        Prepare for Holiday Fraud

        The holidays are quickly approaching, and online consumer spending is expected to increase 15.3% this year. As spending goes up, fraud teams face the challenge of balancing customer expectations and fraud. We surveyed eCommerce fraud managers to learn about how they prepare their teams to rise to the challenge.

        8.8.19   eCommerce