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Address Risk API

Verify and evaluate risk associated with any address in the world, in real time.

For trust and safety teams, Address Risk API provides rich metadata and risk signals linked to any address, which help assess whether a customer is engaging in or has the probability of fraudulent activity.

Eliminate negative business impact

Using validity checks can help avoid costs from order reprocessing, shipping correction surcharges and undermining customer loyalty.

Standardize global address formatting

Reduce manual data cleansing or parsing efforts by having consistently formatted addresses for models and rules-based systems.

Catch suspiciously overused addresses

Use unique identifiers (UUIDs) and velocity calculations to flag and eliminate address tumbling.

Prevent use of a fake or bad address

Understand how an address was used in other online transactions with Identity Network’s unique risk signals.

How it works

Provide an address for any customer interaction and receive critical metadata and signals to help identify whether the address is high or low risk.

  • Detect policy abuse and fraud by performing velocity checks to identify repeated suspicious use patterns or address tumbling.
  • Calculate distances as part of your risk analysis to identify and establish geographic “risk zones.”
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Insightful network signals

Five signals derived from Identity Network provide insight into how a provided address is being used online (e.g., how often it is used, the number of businesses where it has been used, how often it has been used with other identity elements and the first and last time the address was used.)


Latitude and longitude data points help in calculating distances between other relevant reference points.

Normalized addresses

Consistently formatted addresses feed easily into your models and rules-based systems.

Unique identifier

The unique identifier (UUID) can be used to perform velocity calculations.

The right solution for your industry

Choose a solution tailored to your pain points. Check out the benefits that apply to your industry:

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Improve customer acquisition rates

Consumers demand instant gratification in all digital interactions, including opening an online account.

Mastercard Insight data is powered by Ekata and streamlines the user experience for good customers while preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money or execute break-out schemes.

Verify customers with confidence

The Network and Identity Risk Scores signal the probability of fraud or the confidence to convert good customers faster for a positive onboarding experience.

Reduce abandonment for thin-file customers

Utilize a dynamic data set of identity elements, linkages and real-time behavior patterns to confidently validate all applicants.

Prevent identity fraud

The power of machine learning analyzes probabilistic risk indicators to determine if the applicant is a real person and verifies they are who they claim to be.

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Stop fraud from eating revenue

As more customers move online and fraud schemes become more sophisticated, assessing risk before a customer gets to the checkout page benefits ecommerce companies and provides a better experience for valid customers.

Require minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of customers into low- and high-risk, allowing you to tailor the experience on your platform accordingly.

Keep sign-up flows simple

Determine risk with minimal information, providing a better onboarding experience for valid customers with the ability to start transacting faster.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses and loyalty discounts are provided only to customers growing your business.

Flag risky users during sign-up

Deter risky users without preventing account opening by adding friction layers to their experience and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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Maintain platform integrity and consumer trust

As fraudsters seek new places to gain a foothold, denying them entry to your marketplace is key — and a friction-free identity verification solution that assesses risk upfront can help.

With minimal sign-up details you can enable quick and confident sorting of users into low- and high-risk can help keep bad actors off your platform.

Maintain your reputation

Weed out bad actors during account opening to ensure they can’t damage your company’s hard-won reputation.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to the people growing your platform.

Protect customers and the payments ecosystem

Reject high-risk applications to help ensure the safety of your user base and the health of the digital economy.


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Dive deeper into the technical features of the Address Risk API

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Address Verification Service (AVS): Assess risk and prevent fraud at lighting speed

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