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Optimize the experience for new customers and underwriting teams with Mastercard Identity solutions

Accurate identity verification can help reduce customer friction and increase conversion rates. Our solutions enable you to:

Reduce customer friction

Provide a better user experience and double conversion rates with a streamlined sign-up process.

Lower cost per conversion

Identify quality customers at the top of the funnel to lower acquisition spend by more than 15%.

Prevent fraud loss

Use identity data in rules, models and manual review to avoid fraud and eliminate bad leads.


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Account Opening API

Onboard more customers with higher confidence and lower friction.

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Identity Review 360

A manual review SaaS tool to approve or deny transactions quickly and confidently.

“Mastercard’s account opening Solution is very helpful as it helps us to identify more legitimate users before going through a digital KYC process.”

– Mark Ross-Smith, CEO of Status Match

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