Reduce Customer Friction and Fight Fraud

Financial Services

Use accurate identity verification to reduce customer friction and increase conversion rates. Learn more about Account Opening API to optimize the experience for new customers and Pro Insight web app for underwriting teams.

Reduce Customer Friction

Provide a better user experience and double conversion rates with a simplified sign-up process.

Lower Cost Per Conversion

Identify quality customers at the top of the funnel to lower acquisition spend by more than 15%.

Prevent Fraud Loss

Use identity data in rules, models, and manual review to avoid fraud and eliminate bad leads.

Account Opening API

Expedite the user experience for good customers while preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money, or carry out credit bust-out schemes.

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Merchant Onboarding API

The Merchant Onboarding API addresses B2B lending risk head on: use our API to shift low-risk customers away from high friction onboarding steps such as supplemental document collection and manual review, shortening the time it takes for a new merchant to start processing transactions.

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Pro Insight

Pro Insight is a SaaS tool specifically designed for manual review, allowing your team to quickly assess risk and make a confident decision.

To assess merchant risk, we offer Pro Insight Merchant Review, which focuses on optimizing manual review processes for business lending use cases. We visually correlate a key set of individual and business signals to help the reviewer make a faster, more efficient decision.

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