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Expedite frictionless experiences and turn your fraud platform into a revenue stream. Our automation solutions for identity verification are easy to integrate throughout the payments ecosystem.

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Enhance your global fraud platform with seamless and secure payments

We share your mission to drive trust in digital purchases, deliver frictionless customer experiences and grow your business in a secure, compliant way. Mastercard Identity enriches your existing data sets with GDPR-compliant PII data that has been cleaned, normalized and verified at a local, regional and global level.

We analyze patterns of how identity data is being used in digital interactions from over 400 million monthly queries spanning over 1,500 global customers, making our network one of the largest conglomerates of online businesses in the world.

Accept more transactions

Build better exemption management as part of Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) and authorize more transactions.

Improve authorization speed

Process high volumes with low latency APIs to speed up the customer authorization process.

Increase approval rates. Globally.

Improve your risk model, identify good transactions faster and create a low-friction customer experience with global identity verification data.


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Transaction Risk API

Maximize approval rates while fighting transaction fraud.

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Address Risk API

Quickly validate and assess the risk of any address in the world.

Build better Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) models with consumer PII data

Transaction risk

Sweeping changes in policy, regulations and customer experience expectations are generating increased speed of innovation in the payments space – through machine learning-based fraud systems and many upcoming changes in the pre-authorization stages of transaction processing.

PSD2 regulations dictate how fraud review must be conducted in European transactions:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is mandated for all European transactions unless an exemption is granted. It’s critical that PSPs engage in a strategy that maximizes exemptions to reduce consumer friction.
  • Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) is a consistent mechanism to allow acquirer-processors to share merchant intelligence with issuers. Treating this as a strategic differentiator will result in increased authorization rates and minimized friction.

Mastercard Identity helps you build better TRA models, enabling you to offer your end-users more SCA exemptions and higher authorization rates.

Trusted by over 2,000 companies worldwide

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