Optimize Your Manual Review with Adyen + Ekata

Adyen built a payments platform from the ground up to help fast-growing businesses. Merchants can improve their manual review by using Ekata’s Pro Insight within Adyen’s RevenueProtect. Pro Insight enables organizations to assess identity risk, approve good transactions, increase conversion rates, and investigate fraud on a global scale. Accept online payments on any device or channel, whatever your business model.

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Improve your customer satisfaction by enhancing your manual review within RevenueProtect

Powered by quality data and real-time machine learning insights from Ekata’s Identity Network, Identity Review is a comprehensive view that returns an Identity Risk Score, the key signals impacting the score, match statuses between email, phone, addresses, name, and IP, and in-depth details for each data attribute. Leverage the Ekata-Adyen partnership for easy access to Pro Insight directly from RevenueProtect.

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Key Benefits

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Increase Productivity

Use a single cross-border solution to investigate traditional and digital data attributes and get a comprehensive view of the identity behind a transaction.

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Flexible Access

Access full Identity Review results for any transaction directly from RevenueProtect with a single click.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce false-positive rates and improve customer experience and loyalty by quickly approving good transactions with confidence.

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Enterprise Capabilities

Available for teams of all sizes with a wide variety of features such as SSO (single sign-on), dedicated support, enhanced security, and advanced analytics.

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Fight Fraud

Leverage the power of machine learning to view top risk signals, catch discrepancies, and dive deeper into highlighted warnings for more details.

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Reporting & Analytics

View detailed reports on usage, users, and coverage – available in graph view, list view, and for export.

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