Optimize your fraud prevention strategy with Experian + Mastercard Identity Network

Who is Experian?

Experian is a multinational data analytics and credit reporting company that  unlocks the power of data to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society.

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Why use Identity Network in Experian?

Adding Identity Network to your CrossCore strategy alongside Precise ID provides a lift in name, phone and address matching and adds the ability to utilize email and IP inputs from your users. Using Identity Network in tandem with FraudNet improves fraud management and reduces false positives.

Key Benefits

Identity Network is already integrated into CrossCore

Experian and Mastercard are ready for you to instantly benefit without any development time needed.

Clear more good customers and detect more fraud

Identity Network returns data on identity inputs from around the globe to a single API end point, so it’s unnecessary to integrate new APIs for comprehensive data insights.

All you need to do is write rules

Identity Network’s machine learning scores and identity meta-data are set and ready to power your fraud outcomes. All that’s required is to write rules in your decision engine for our data, and we can help with that.

Business problems

Users are providing email, but you’re not using it in your workflow.

Identity Network returns whether the email is valid, active,  the first date it was seen and if the registered names match the names provided.

You’re collecting the user’s IP, but you’re not using it in your workflow.

Identity Network shows if the IP is risky, verifies its location and if a person is found at the address whether or not the name matches the name provided.

You need to be able to predict identity risk for user elements from around the world.

Identity Network provides risk signals for identity elements from over 238 countries and territories around the globe.

You need to reduce false positives and/or catch more fraud.

Identity Network data will help you clear more good customers and catch more fraud, especially for thin-file or cold-start customer approval.


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