Optimize your fraud prevention strategy with Cybersource + Mastercard’s Identity Network

Who is Cybersource?

Cybersource is an ecommerce payment management company that simplifies and automates payment operations.

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Why use Mastercard’s Identity Network in Cybersource?

Identity Network provides global identity verification via APIs and a SaaS solution. Using complex machine learning to derive unique data links, the Identity Network enables more precise and confident decisioning within Cybersource Decision Manager.

Key Benefits

Easy integration to decision manager

Get seamless access to leading global identity data within Cybersource Decision Manager; no developer time is needed—all that’s required is to write the rules.

Fraud detection capabilities

Using Identity Network’s Confidence Score in tandem with Cybersource’s score and fraud indicators, allows merchants to benefit from more accurately predictive rules, which catch more instances of fraud.

True global identity verification

Identity Network uses over 100 international data sources to provide strong coverage in all regions your business is managing risk.


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Optimize your fraud prevention strategy with Cybersource and Mastercard’s Identity Network

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Synthetic identity theft: A fast-growing crime that threatens every business


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