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Transaction Risk API: Improving Transaction Security



With the world moving increasingly online, businesses are facing a complex challenge to make the right decision on a growing number of transactions in an ever-shortening time frame. The future of identity verification demands rethinking risk management as fraud becomes more sophisticated and customer convenience expectations heighten. Staying true to our market-driven roots, Transaction Risk API was built based on feedback and conversations with our customers to help fight payment fraud and improve the efficiency of authorizations early in the transaction flow.

The multi-year effort leverages our strengths in identity verification and machine learning to provide the most predictive features in a response time of under 100 ms. These features are leveraged in models, alongside internal company data, to provide an additional layer of identity verification for real-time risk reduction at scale.

The core identity data elements of email, IP, phone, address, and name are scored to return a concise response, easily consumed by risk models at high volumes. Delivered in under 100 ms, the low latency of Transaction Risk API allows for global identity verification during the authorization process. The Ekata Transaction Risk API is designed to help high volume businesses such as payment service providers, credit card companies, and e-commerce companies:

  • Find previously undetected fraud – Leverage identity verification during the authorization process to fight payment fraud early in the transaction flow
  • Reduce false declines – Authenticate more legitimate customers and increase approval rates with accurate global data
  • Prevent risk in real time – Get a clear picture of the identity behind a transaction in fractions of a second

Key features include:

  • Transaction Risk Score – A real-time, predictive score derived from our Identity Network and the core identity data inputs of email, IP, phone, address, and name
  • High predictability – Response includes the most predictive identity verification features to improve model performance
  • Low latency – Delivered by our elite cloud-based infrastructure in under 100 ms
  • Easy integration – Feature ready API response for ease of testing and integration into existing models
  • Scalability – Flexibility to support massive throughout requirements up to hundreds of queries per second
  • Global coverage – Reliable data with unparalleled coverage and accuracy from around the globe

“As an identity verification company that leverages complex machine learning every day in our own products, we have a unique perspective on what it takes to build models that perform. This drove our focus on developing this API with high data fidelity and predictive value. Initial data test results for early adopters have exceeded our expectations in terms of both ease of testing and integration but more importantly, providing significant improvement in model performance. We are thrilled to bring this product to market and proud of how quickly we’ve been able to innovate.” Kushal Shah, Ekata Senior Vice President of Product.

To learn more about how to integrate the Ekata Transaction Risk API into your risk model, visit the product page.

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