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Transaction Risk API

Maximize Approval Rates, Improve Transaction Security and Fight Payment Fraud

Transaction Risk API provides payment operations teams critical insights into client-provided identity information to reduce friction and improve customer experience while keeping fraud at bay.

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How it Works

Provide transaction details (of up to 26 inputs) and receive critical insights around individual and combinations of data points to help you confidently assess the risk of a single transaction.

Network Signals

Leverage seven proprietary signals around primary and secondary emails (email first seen) and addresses (address first seen), as well as the location address (IP last seen), phone (phone last seen), and combination of phone and IP provided (phone IP last seen) to improve accuracy of your fraud models.

Validity Checks for Payment Details

Evaluate the authenticity of billing and shipping details such as email, phone, address provided by the customer.

Enriched Phone Metadata

Gain insight into the line type of the phone number, which can often be a strong indicator of fraud.

IP Distance from Address Calculations

Gauge the distance between your customer’s IP and their provided addresses.

Risk Flags and Scores

Leverage model-derived signals such as Identity Risk Score (otherwise known as Transaction Risk Score), Identity Network Score, and IP Risk flag, in your risk models to predict the riskiness of a customer.

Match Statuses to Name

Confirm that the email(s), phone(s), and addresses provided in the transaction are associated with the customer name.

Transaction Risk API Solves For

Reducing False Declines

Every online transaction must pass through several gateways before it is approved, with filters at each step configured to spot the indicators of fraud. If you are able to catch fraud early on, you will not only reduce the number of fraudulent transactions through the workflow but you will also minimize the number of good transactions to be falsely declined.

Preventing Fraudulent Transactions

By catching fraud in the purchase process, you can save your business the cost of the lost transaction as well as reduce chargebacks and the associated fees.

Key Benefits

Utilize Top Predictability Data

Predict fraud quickly at enterprise-level volumes through signals provided by the Ekata Identity Engine.

Increase Approval Rates

Rapidly increase revenue by automating the acceptance of low-risk orders to boost overall approval rates from good customers.

Stop Fraud Early

Reduce downstream costs by pinpointing risky transactions early in the approval workflow.

Optimize Digital Customer Experience

Provide a fast and trusted experience to increase your customer base, improve retention, boost customer lifetime value and sales.

Winner of the 2019

Best in

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Infinite Want: Consumers Demand Speed and Security in the Digital Experience

A new report commissioned by Ekata reveals that a majority of consumers demand trust, security, and data privacy, and also expect their digital transactions to be fast and frictionless. More than 7,000 consumers across North America and Europe were asked what they want in their digital experiences, how they respond when their needs are not met, and if they’ve personally experienced fraud.

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Why We Built It

Our latest product innovation, Transaction Risk API, was officially launched a couple of weeks ago at Merchant Risk Council (MRC) 2019. As a market driven company we are always pushing to help businesses solve their biggest pain points, and the birth of our latest innovation is no exception to that rule. In this three part blog series we will cover why we built it, how we built it, and what value it brings to the market. So let’s dive straight into the why.

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Resources: Report

What Value It Brings to the Market

Our latest product innovation, Transaction Risk API, was specifically built for easy integration into sophisticated machine learning (ML) models and is designed to help eCommerce merchants, marketplaces, payment processors, and others manage payment fraud. In our three-part Transaction Risk API blog series, we have covered why we built it, how we built it, and today we will walk through what value it brings to the market.

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