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What is deep linking & how can it improve Manual Review efficiency



Manual review tools are an essential component of fraud prevention and identity verification, enabling trained analysts to review individual transactions and identify any anomalies or red flags that automated systems may have missed.

Unfortunately, integrating a manual review tool into existing workflows can be a challenging task, especially for teams lacking in dedicated technology and engineering resources. Thankfully, deep linking can help make integration both seamless and painless, enabling even the leanest of organizations to set up their manual review team for success.

What is deep linking and why is it useful? 

Deep linking is a technique often associated with enhancing the user experience in mobile apps through reduced friction and personalized journeys. It is also a natural, yet likely unnoticed element of how most people browse the web. This is because a deep link is simply a type of hyperlink that allows a user to directly access the specific content they are interested in, rather than starting from a website’s home page and navigating through to the relevant page.

Generally, deep links are useful because they enable faster and simpler access to desired content with fewer clicks. They provide a seamless user experience, particularly valuable in the context of manual review, where an agent might review hundreds of transactions in a day.

In practice, a deep link is a unique path (for example, instead of that allows specific content within an app or webpage to be linked to directly, and/or involves passing data through URL parameters, usually to enable personalized experiences. This latter type is called contextualized deep linking.  It is a simple, direct way for manual review agents to integrate a manual review tool into their workflows. Moreover, deep links allow manual review agents to raise their daily performance through increased efficiency. Just think of the minutes saved over the course of days, weeks and months. Talk about maximizing revenue!

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How does a deep link help manual review teams integrate Pro Insight into existing workflows?


Deep links provide easy integration into existing and proprietary platforms. In fact, with deep links, users can complete a full 5-in-1 Identity Review search directly out of their platform with a single click.

For example, Pro Insight is Ekata’s best-in-class manual review tool; a global identity review solution that empowers manual review teams to make better, more accurate decisions on an identity with more confidence. To seamlessly integrate this tool into existing workflows, manual review agents can programmatically capture relevant identity attributes, such as name, address and email, from an order review page and sent to Pro Insight via a deep link for querying.

Without a deep link, a manual review agent would need to fill out each field one-by-one in reference to an order under consideration. A deep link automatically fills in the fields and surfaces the Identity Review result.


Options for implementing deep links to integrate Pro Insight 


Option 1: The Pro Insight Deep Link Builder

The Pro Insight Deep Link Builder is a free Chrome extension that works with proprietary platforms. The extension pulls data directly from the platform and automatically populates the Identity Review results page.

However, there are pros and cons to this option.



  • Easy to set up in under 10 minutes
  • No tech resources required
  • No coding involved
  • Admins can instantaneously set up multiple deep link templates for their team to use

  • Known compatibility issues with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify (these platforms often feature special UI layouts, animations, interactions that tend to break deep links and prevent consistent and reliable functionality)

Validate inputs with one click to view in Pro Insight

Option 2: DIY 

Another option is to create your own custom deep link. If this interests you, see our developer doc for building an in-house integration.

There are, of course, pros and cons to this option.


  • In-house development offers more control and can be easier to troubleshoot
  • Available by default once built (no need to download a chrome extension)

  • Tech resources required, which can delay and prolong set up

Option 3: Leverage a partner platform

Deep linking to Pro Insight is currently available through the following platforms:

  1. Accertify – Contact Accertify or Ekata to add the deep link
  2. CyberSource – Contact CyberSource or Ekata to add the deep link
  3. Kount – Contact Kount for instructions to add the deep link
  4. FraudNet – Contact FraudNet or Ekata to add the deep link
  5. Magento – Contact Magento or Ekata to add the deep link
  6. ReD Shield – Contact CSM at ACI or Ekata to add the deep link
  7. Signifyd – Find the deep link within the People section of the Signifyd console by clicking on the Card Holder or Delivery Recipient Name
  8. Subuno – Contact Subuno or Ekata to add the deep link
  9. Volusion – Contact Volusion or Ekata to add the deep link

And the pros and cons?


  • No work needed – the deep link will be set up for you

  • Requires existing partner platform

At the end of the day, deep links save time, are easy to implement and eliminate the need to copy and paste a customer’s name, address(es), phone(s), IP address, and email address into multiple search windows. Better still, Pro Insight offers three different options to incorporate deep links for seamless integration. To learn more about deep linking with Pro Insight and which option may suit your team best, contact an Ekata fraud expert today.

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