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Pro Insight

Pro Insight is an identity review solution that enables agents to assess identity risk, approve good transactions, and investigate fraud on a global scale.


Pro Insight is the only global identity review solution that provides several ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and focused user experience. Empower manual review teams to make faster and more accurate identity fraud decisions on a global scale by getting the full picture of the identity behind a transaction in a single view.

The Pro Insight interface is tailored for manual review agents to highlight the critical data points to simplify complex fraud decisions.

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How it Works

Provide identity details and receive critical insights to give manual review agents the ability to determine the risk level of any transaction.

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Positive and Negative Signals

Get an in-depth look inside how the Identity Risk Score was generated with positive and negative signals that are weighted by impact and listed in order of importance.

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Identity Risk Score

Get a quick first view of a transaction with our global Identity Risk Score – powered by real-time global data, machine learning, and Network signals.

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Distance Calculation Map

Use the interactive map to view distances between inputs such as IP and shipping and/or billing addresses.

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Network Risk

Understand how a customer’s identity elements are being used online, such as primary address and IP is first seen together 1 month ago.

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Reporting and Analytics

View detailed reports on usage, users, and coverage – available in graph view, list view, and for export.

Pro Insight Solves For

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Manual Review

Pro Insight is a SaaS tool specifically designed for manual review. Pro Insight is a visual tool that allows you to quickly assess risk and make a confident decision. The dashboard shows a top-line score along with metadata flags to explain the top data indicators that contributed to the score.

Key Benefits

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Make Decisions with Confidence

Global solution built on over 20 years of data leveraging machine learning.

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Reduce Fraud

Leverage the power of machine learning to catch discrepancies and view top risk signals.

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Save Time, Reduce Queues

Auto-fill identity review results for any transaction directly from your platform with a single click.

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Increase Accuracy and Improve Customer Experience

Reduce false-positive rates and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by accurately approving good transactions.

Ekata Pro Insight Features

Blog Post

New Pro Insight Feature: Network Risk

We researched and assessed the needs of our users to ensure this release would provide absolute value, inviting a subset of our user base to spend a month partnering with us on surveys, interviews, and beta testing. We’re extremely excited that with the launch of Network Risk, Pro Insight is now the only manual review solution that enables agents to investigate both the validity of identity elements as well as the activity and usage patterns of those elements.

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Consumers and the Digital Experience

Resources: Report

Infinite Want: Consumers Demand Speed and Security in the Digital Experience

A new report commissioned by Ekata reveals that a majority of consumers demand trust, security, and data privacy, and also expect their digital transactions to be fast and frictionless. More than 7,000 consumers across North America and Europe were asked what they want in their digital experiences, how they respond when their needs are not met, and if they’ve personally experienced fraud.

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Pro Insight Order Review

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Review Orders with Pro Insight

It’s all about speed and accuracy these days. Consumers want their packages as soon as possible, and on the flip side, manual review agents need to review those orders faster than ever before while balancing accuracy and efficiency. So as digital commerce continues to evolve and become more popular, it’s imperative to arm manual review agents with the right solution to approve more good customers and reduce fraud.

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