Ekata Expands Account Opening Solutions to Help More Businesses Assess Risk at Account Creation



Ekata expanded its account opening solutions and risk assessment software to help ecommerce companies and marketplaces worldwide quickly identify and flag risky account sign-ups.

Powered by a proprietary data set and machine learning, Ekata’s account opening solutions provide a risk assessment of new accounts in real-time. This enables businesses to create streamlined onboarding experiences for legitimate customers and to reject or add friction to high-risk customers. These new capabilities expand Ekata’s existing account opening solutions for financial services and fintech companies; further cementing our reputation as a global risk assessment software provider.

Balance customer acquisition with fraud prevention

In the past year, more than half of ecommerce  experienced an increase in promotion abuse — individuals creating multiple accounts to take advantage of limited-time promotions — causing significant loss to retailers. Marketplaces have also seen more malicious users impacting platform integrity via policy abuse. This type of activity is driving the need for stronger risk assessment measures to keep these bad actors off a platform entirely or limit their movement.

According to Ekata’s research, almost one quarter of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because they’re asked to create an account. This means that, even in the face of rising fraud, a streamlined sign-up process is still key to meeting customer acquisition goals. By only requiring phone or email and an IP address to make a risk assessment during sign-up, companies can use Ekata’s new account opening solution to confidently identify fraud while maintaining low-friction sign-up flows.

Account opening by the numbers

Ekata’s account opening solutions have demonstrated success in helping online businesses catch suspected fraud early and quickly, as well as confidently onboard more verified customers:

  • For one ecommerce company that experienced a targeted fraud attack, nearly all fraudulent actors (91%) using email addresses with custom domains were identified during account creation — preventing them from engaging in further fraudulent activity.
  • One customer captured more than half of potential fraud (55%) during the initial step of the sign-up process.
  • This account opening solution is fast (<100ms), which enables real-time risk assessment during account sign-up.

How bunking built trust 

According to Darren Cody, product manager at Bunking, a social marketplace that connects people through flexible shared living stays and travel experiences, “Ekata has been instrumental in helping Bunking proactively finetune our fraud solution to safeguard marketplace trust and safety. With easily provided personal information, we’re able to create different workflows based on risk profiles — eliminating any potential onboarding friction for good customers while protecting our community.”

To read more about Bunking, check out our case study with them.

Ekata’s expanded account opening solutions provide a real-time risk assessment to onboard more customers at scale while stopping fraud in its tracks — making it the perfect solution for ecommerce companies and marketplaces.

Next steps

We’re committed to building products that make your risk assessment easier. To see how our account opening solution for ecommerce businesses and marketplaces can help your company meet its revenue goals, reach out to your Ekata representative or contact us directly

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