Service tiers

At Ekata, we pride ourselves in building enduring customer relationships and delivering high levels of service.  To make sure we are supporting your business needs, we have designed multiple service packages for you to consider, and to align to your business needs and goals.

ServicesBasic MonitorEssential AdviseEnterprise Complete
SupportSupport ticket SLA16 business hours8 business hours4 business hours
System Outage Notifications
24/7 Escalation
Proactive MonitoringUsage Trend Monitoring
Latency Monitoring
QPS Monitoring
Error Monitoring
Duplicate Alert
Account ManagementAccount Manager
Onboarding / Integration QA
Solutions Reviews
Product Roadmap
Customized Pro Insight Tracking
Queries Per Second (QPS) Cap1632256
SecuritySecurity Package – Standard
Security Package – Customized
Annual Audit*n/aRemoteOn-site
IP Whitelisting
Percent of Your Invoice8%12%15%
*scales down as invoices grow