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Reining in promotion fraud and abuse



Ecommerce businesses today regularly use promotions and coupon codes to capture new prospects and reward loyal customers. Unfortunately, fraudsters can exploit these incentives by creating multiple accounts to redeem the same promo many times, sending referral codes to fake emails, and more — resulting in distorted acquisition metrics and wasted marketing spend.

Promo abuse has become an increasingly pervasive and costly problem for organizations, yet it’s still often missed or overlooked. By assessing risk during the customer sign-up process — instead of waiting until the first transaction — businesses can quickly onboard good customers with minimal friction while weeding out bad actors.

Download this eBook to learn more about:

  • Challenges with identifying, tracking, and stopping promo abuse
  • Who commits promo fraud and why it persists
  • Impacts on near- and long-term revenue
  • How Ekata can help to identify and combat promo abuse at account creation

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