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Northern European airline identifies fraud faster with Pro Insight



Download this case study to learn how a northern European airline improved fraud detection with Pro Insight, reducing manual review time by 75%.

This case study reviews the implementation of Pro Insight and how it has significantly benefited a northern European airline by streamlining the verification process for gray-area bookings.

Download this case study now to answer:

  • How has the implementation of Pro Insight impacted the manual review process for gray-area bookings in this European airline?
  • What specific benefits has Pro Insight provided in terms of accuracy and decision-making for the fraud prevention team?
  • In what other areas of the airline’s operations has the fraud prevention team expanded their role due to the time saved with Pro Insight?
  • What features of Pro Insight contribute to its effectiveness in fraud prevention, such as its international database and easy-to-understand scoring system?

Click here to download it now. 

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