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New Updates to the Ekata Deep Link Builder



We’re very excited to share some new and exciting updates to our Pro Insight Deep Link Builder! Deep Link Builder allows Pro Insight customers to perform Identity Review and Merchant Review queries with zero development effort. Deep Link Builder allows for simple mapping to most eCommerce, order-management, or fraud systems to expedite manual reviews. The Deep Link Builder saves time, is easy to implement, and eliminates the need to copy and paste a customer’s name, address(es), phone(s), IP address, email address, and other search parameters into multiple search windows.


What’s changed with the new update?

  • New and improved design
    Deep Link Builder has a fresh look! If you’re a current customer using the Deep Link Builder, this new design will not break your integration or mapping in any way.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support
    Customers can now login using SSO if enabled with Pro Insight, providing a more streamlined login experience for our users.
  • Merchant Review support
    Customers can also now create a template for Merchant Review, giving manual review agents an even faster solution to onboard merchants.
  • Microsoft Edge support
    No longer using Google Chrome or prefer to use a different browser? The Deep Link Builder is now also supported on Microsoft Edge.
  • Multi-templates
    Admins (Managers) using Pro Insight can create, save, and manage templates for multiple use cases (each with a unique URL) in the Deep Link Builder. Users are able to use the saved templates for Pro Insight queries.


How does the Deep Link Builder work?

Deep Links consist of using a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content (e.g., rather than the home page (e.g. When using the Deep Link Builder, an account admin can quickly create a one-time template by mapping identity fields directly from their preferred platform. Here is an example of what the mapping looks like:

Deep Link Builder Mapping


When the mapping is complete, users now have the ability to review the transaction in Pro Insight with just one click:

Pro Insight Identity Review


Are you a current customer and would like to get started? Download the extension today!

Have questions? Contact your dedicated account manager or reach support at to learn more.

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