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Fraud trends for the upcoming holiday season



Discover valuable insights on the latest fraud trends impacting ecommerce players during the peak holiday sales period with our exclusive on-demand webinar, presented by Ekata and Accertify.

Gain access to the following key takeaways:

  • Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce platform, shares a merchant’s perspective on fraud threats affecting online retailers.
  • Learn effective strategies to mitigate promo abuse, including gift card abuse and loyalty program fraud while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.
  • Discover best practices for optimizing manual review processes to reduce chargebacks without falsely flagging genuine customers (avoiding false positives).
  • Navigate the ever-evolving fraud landscape by leveraging advanced tools, technology and data, breaking down organizational silos and enhancing performance and measurement.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource! Watch the on-demand webinar at your convenience and stay ahead of fraudsters during the holiday season.

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Fraud trends for ecommerce

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