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Ekata’s Noelle Wiggins Recognized as a Rising Woman in Tech in Built In’s 2021 Moxie Awards



We are excited to announce that our Product Manager, Noelle Wiggins, has been named a winner in Built In’s 2021 Moxie Awards. The Moxie Awards recognize 50 rising women in tech across the US who demonstrate courage, determination, energy, and know-how, and are making a difference in their workplaces, communities, and the tech industry.

To celebrate Noelle and her success, we wanted to share some of the ways she embodies “Moxie”:

She brings a point of view: In an industry that is predominantly male, Noelle always brings a refreshing and unique perspective to discussions that touch on the most critical pieces of our product development. Her ideas are always extraordinarily thoughtful, and she brings them with infectious energy that cannot be ignored.

She is the embodiment of outsized passion: Noelle brings a level of engagement and enthusiasm to her work that cannot be matched. She has strong intellectual curiosity and is always eager to learn more. This gets amplified when she finds a subject that she cares about. She will work to become an expert in that subject by taking in as much knowledge and information as possible.

She gathers vast amounts of data to rapidly synthesize solutions: Noelle has a passion for data, understanding technical concepts, and gathering diverse perspectives to fully understand a problem. At the same time, she never loses sight of the need to drive solutions for business problems in a manner that delivers true value.

She empowers other women in tech: Noelle builds relationships with and mentors the women in our Budapest office, giving them guidance and providing an outlet to share and learn from each other. She supports these women and is unafraid to step up and bring a strong voice to the product organization as needed.

Here at Ekata , we’ve always known that Noelle is incredible and are thrilled that she is getting the wider recognition she deserves. Congratulations, Noelle!

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