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Ekata’s Commitment Through COVID-19



It has been an unsettling time over these past few weeks. With an evolving pandemic and a quickly materializing economic downturn, the uncertainty of what lies ahead can feel unsettling and overwhelming.  Through this time of uncertainty, we at Ekata’s Commitment is to serving you, our clients and partners, while also keeping our employees and communities safe.

There are two things I know for sure amidst all the chaos. First, fraud is a growth business, which means fraudsters won’t slow down; they won’t even blink an eye before taking advantage of this unprecedented situation. Second, Ekata won’t slow down either, and we are highly motivated to support the needs of our customers and partners.

I want to share with you two of Ekata’s key operating imperatives, what they mean to us, and how they’ll help us help you get through this unique time:

1. Build enduring customer relationships – We stay close to the market, especially to our customers and partners.  Showing up consistently, actively listening, communicating openly, and being responsive are all critical ingredients for success.

The key word here is “enduring.” We will support you through good times and bad times. We play the long game and we are ready for this journey. We will celebrate with you when things are good and we will show up when they are not, to support you and work together to resolve issues. We are always transparent and direct, especially when times are tough– you can count on us.

2. Push accountability to the edge – The edge is where our folks with the most context operate, whether in sprint planning or in-market customer meetings. We fundamentally believe in delegating responsibility to make decisions at the edge, because we can move faster and engage folks more powerfully if they can execute and have accountability for their decisions.

We are built for tough times like this. It doesn’t matter where we work from; every one of us is trained and empowered to take responsibility, to push for progress, and to make a positive impact through taking action.

Ekata Team through Covid

The majority of the Ekata Global Account Services Team is working from home this week across Seattle, Amsterdam, and Singapore. As much as we would like to, we are currently unable to travel around the globe to visit you in person like we’ve always done. However, we are all hands on deck and are ready to navigate this troubled time with you and your businesses.

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