Ekata Identity Engine Wins BIG Innovation Award



The Ekata Identity Engine (EIE) was recognized as a winner of the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards as a product bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways.

In the EIE, Ekata combines powerful machine learning technology with unique data sets to deliver global identity verification data that enables businesses to make accurate risk decisions about their customers.

Machine learning technology powers the Ekata Identity Engine’s ability to think about a transaction by not simply comparing bits of data to one another, but drawing from past experiences to predict future behavior. These predictions aren’t a wild guess; they’re derived from millions of data connections and with each transaction, tuned for even higher levels of accuracy.

Our technology is constantly evolving to help businesses survive by stamping out fraud, delivering new insights and moving our customers towards making more informed decisions about their end-users.

Our risk solutions enable businesses around the world like Microsoft, Stripe, Ant Group, and Airbnb to fight fraud, reduce false declines, and make accurate risk decisions about their customers faster than the blink of an eye.

Ekata’s machine-learning derived data has provided powerful insights and helped global companies:

  • Save $12,500/month in fraud control and generate $365,000 in gross merchandise value – Asia Pacific Payments company
  • Achieve quicker reviews and resolution, higher acceptance rate, and lower labor costs in manual fraud review – North America retail company
  • Increase monthly revenue by $500,000 with acceptance of 20% of rejected transactions, Without increasing chargebacks – Multinational beverage company
  • Reduce promo abuse and fraud by increasing recall by 25% – North American on-demand food delivery marketplace
  • Decrease customer insult rate by 12%, increase fraud detection rate by 13%, and increase fulfillment rates from 95% to 99% – North America retail company
  • Reduce fraud losses by 27% and manual review rates by 15% – Swedish banking company

To learn how the Ekata Identity Engine powers our suite of global identity verification solutions, visit our visualization tool.

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