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Announcing Our New Asia Pacific Data Center in Singapore



The Ekata team is excited to announce the availability of our new data center in Singapore. As Ekata continues to expand globally and provide support for customers worldwide, the new Singapore data center provides greater access, performance, and security for our Asia pacific customers.

Our footprint continues to expand rapidly, with offices across the world in Amsterdam, Budapest, Singapore, and Seattle, we know that our global customers increasingly depend on our identity verification data to be provided in low response times. Our same great products  will now be available to our customers locally to reduce total latency while taking into consideration data privacy regulations such as PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act.)

As our customers consistently leverage our APIs and SaaS tool for pre-authorization decision making, the new data center allows us to provision the following API endpoints to support our customers locally in the Asia Pacific region:

  • Transaction Risk API – provides predictive identity verification responses to fight payment fraud and expedite authorizations, reducing customer friction
  • Address Risk API identifies high and low risk addresses early on in a customer workflow to avoid address tumbling and streamline checkouts for good customers
  • Account Opening API expedites the user experience for good customers while preventing bad actors from using stolen or synthetic identities

Our investment in the new data center was centered around the following key requirements we have for data performance:

Data efficacy
The Ekata Identity Engine, brings our two datasets – Identity Graph and Identity Network, together so businesses can get a better understanding of both who their customer is and how their information is being used online. Combined with sophisticated machine learning, we derive unique data links and risk signals from data we license around the world and real-world queries that provide transaction-level intelligence. Adding a new data center allows us to deliver powerful insights through our products to customers that will help them maximize lift in their risk models.

Global footprint
Our rigorous data sourcing process has allowed us to build strong relationships with global data providers and expand our internal coverage with confidence. As we continue to add more identity data to the Ekata Identity Graph, we continue to meet and often, exceed our customer product requirements.

Response times
We have a high bar for lightning-fast API responses; our internal target for customer experience on an API query anywhere in the world continues to decrease to tens of milliseconds of response time. We know that your customers continue to demand speed when interacting with your business, and you can count on our hyperfocus in reducing latency and providing unparalleled response times.

Privacy and security
As data security and privacy become increasingly important in the digital world, we are acutely aware of the risks data breaches and cybersecurity attacks can pose on your business. Our technology was and is built to protect not only your end customer but your business as well.

As your business grows, we grow alongside you. Our new data center in Singapore will continue to allow us to deliver our world class products and future solutions at unparalleled latencies so you can focus on improving your risk models and accurately identifying risk of your customers.


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