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5 Ways to block fraudsters without blocking revenue in online gaming



Do you struggle to mitigate online gaming fraud and are looking effective solutions? We have great news for you! Join industry leaders from Jagex, Kount and Ekata, a Mastercard company as they come together for an open and honest discussion on successful strategies in the fight against fraud.

In this on-demand webinar, you will gain valuable insights from experienced professionals who have faced similar challenges in the industry, learn proven tactics to protect honest customers while maintaining a positive user experience, discover how to promote your gaming platform without falling into the hands of scammers and ensure compliance without unnecessary complications.

This discussion aims to provide you with actionable knowledge, alleviating the overwhelm and uncertainty. Take out the guesswork and focus on what truly matters: creating an exceptional gaming experience for your users.

Watch this webinar now to revolutionize your business practices. Help is here, and the battle against fraud starts with you.

Click here to watch the 5 Ways to block fraudsters without blocking revenue webinar!

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