Trust Ekata to Identify Customers and Decrease Fraud, Securely

Our APIs and a SaaS solution help assess risk in all types of online interactions. All utilize the Ekata Identity Engine, built utilizing five core identity elements: name, phone, email, address, and IP, as well as behavior data.

Pro Insight

A manual review SaaS tool to approve or deny transactions quickly and confidently.

Address Risk API

Validate and assess the risk of any address in the world, in fractions of a second.

Account Opening API

Take action on high-risk accounts to mitigate losses from synthetic identity fraud.

Phone Intelligence API

From a single phone number input, Phone Intelligence API verifies users through associated data.

Transaction Risk API

Maximize approval rates while fighting transaction fraud.

Network Signals

Assess the riskiness of behavioral signals of data points provided.

High-quality, Licensed Data

Data that has been vetted, groomed, and proven.

Secure Responses

All transactions and data are hashed for security.

Distance Calculations

Responses include distances between inputs such as IP and shipping and/or billing addresses.

Risk Signals

Understand how a customer’s identity elements are being used online.

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