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Optimize Your Fraud Prevention Strategy with Accertify + Ekata

With Accertify’s Fraud Management solution, online merchants benefit from real-time decisioning through a sophisticated yet efficient fraud scoring engine that can screen transactions in milliseconds, and turn large volumes of disparate data into actionable intelligence that reduces fraud. Our customers typically see results on day one of going live with our solution and a solid ROI in as little as 60 days.

Identity Check API

Why Use Ekata in Accertify Interceptas?

Ekata’s sophisticated and comprehensive Identity Check API returns more than 70 data signals and network insights from a single query. The API leverages real-time global data, network insights, and machine learning across the five core data attributes of name, email, phone, address, and IP to provide businesses a clear picture of consumers. This enables more precise and confident decisioning within Accertify Interceptas.

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Key Benefits

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Refine Your Decisioning Process

Accertify Interceptas grades transactions based on their riskiness. By adding Ekata data, you can focus on specific data sets to further reduce manual review, chargebacks, and false positives.

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Catch More Fraud & Minimize False Positives

Ekata’s Confidence Score compliments Interceptas and Index scores. By using fraud scores and signals provided by Accertify and Ekata, merchants benefit from improved and more predictive rules.

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True Global Identity Verification

Ekata leverages over 100 international data sources and our comprehensive network to provide strong coverage in all regions that your business is managing risk.

Ekata Data Features

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Confidence Score

A real-time predictive score derived from 70+ data signals, transactional patterns from our identity network and sophisticated machine learning

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Name Checks

Verifies if the name matches the addresses, emails, and phones.

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Phone Checks

Shows if the phone numbers are valid, the associated country code, and verifies if they match emails and addresses provided

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Address Checks

Verifies if the addresses are valid, and if the resident’s name matches the name provided

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Email Checks

Returns whether the email is valid, active the first date it was seen, and if the registered names match the names provided

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IP Checks

Shows if the IP is risky, verifies its location, and if a person is found at the address whether or not the name matches the name provided

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