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Learn how to ensure a strong digital fraud detection strategy and get insights on emerging fraud trends: Watch our on-demand webinar now.
Learn how to ensure a strong digital fraud detection strategy.

Ekata Identity Engine

Using sophisticated data science and machine learning, the Ekata Identity Engine combines two exclusive datasets, the Ekata Identity Graph and the Ekata Identity Network. These datasets are built around five core identity attributes (name, email, phone, physical address, and IP) and are transformed into unique and valuable data that allows businesses to accurately make risk decisions about their customers.

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Confidently Assess Fraud Risk at Scale

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Built For Speed

Runs with low latency, with information delivered in less than 100 milliseconds for 99% interactions.

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Calculated, Real-time Risk Assessments

Produces risk signals so businesses can make informed decisions about their potential customers.

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Expands With Your Business

Offers a global footprint with privacy and security compliance to support increasing query volumes.

Identity Graph and Identity Network

Ekata Identity Graph

Identity Graph

Validates digital identity elements and how they are linked. Our graph delivers data that has been vetted and groomed—saving companies time, resources, and money from having to do the work themselves.

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Ekata Identity Network

Identity Network

Analyzes how hashed identity elements are being used in digital interactions. Predictive risk signals, dynamic decision making, and aggregated transaction-level intelligence.

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