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Model-ready data and insights into global identity verification

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Prevent Fake Accounts

Detect creation of fraudulent user accounts and stop bad actors from abusing loyalty programs.

Manual Fraud Review

Confident Manual Reviews

Cross-verify customer information with credible data and improve confidence in risk assessment.

Manual Fraud Review

Reduce Payment Risk

Fight payment fraud and make accurate risk decisions pre-, post-, and during authorization.

Transaction Fraud

Combat Transaction Fraud

Expedite authorizations and reduce customer friction at the point of transaction.

Made possible by the proprietary
Ekata Identity Engine

Sophisticated data science and machine learning, the Ekata Identity Engine combines two proprietary datasets, the Ekata Identity Graph and the Ekata Identity Network. These datasets are built around core identity attributes that are transformed into unique and valuable insights that allows businesses to accurately make risk decisions about their customers.

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Ekata Global Identity Verification

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Key Benefits

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Improve Approval Rates

Verify more legitimate interactions to grow and retain your customer base.

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Reduce Chargebacks

Catch more fraud to protect your bottom line.

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Optimize Manual Review Queues

Make faster risk decisions and approve more good transactions.

Sales Inquiries

Avoid Lost Revenue

Decline the fraudulent transactions while approving more good customers.


Explore the data provided through an ever-expanding suite of APIs and SaaS tool that can help you better detect fraud, validate identity, and provide valuable insight about potential customers.

Ekata Identity Graph

Identity Graph

Validates digital identity elements and how they are linked. Our graph delivers data that has been vetted and groomed—saving companies time, resources, and money from having to do the work themselves.

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Ekata Identity Network

Identity Network

Analyzes how hashed identity elements are being used in digital interactions. Predictive risk signals, dynamic decision making, and aggregated transaction-level intelligence.

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Resources: Webinar

Risky Business: The Value of Detecting Fraudster Behavior

Companies today face a rapidly evolving landscape of fraud attack types. Fraudsters are constantly changing their tactics and finding new ways to commit fraud, leaving merchants challenged to stay proactive and vigilant against attacks.

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Risk Management

Resources: Report

Why Banks Need to Alter Their Approach to Risk Management

The year 2020 has ushered in a massive change in terms of how we live, transact, and work. Digital transformation is no longer a nice to have but a necessity and has proven it is here to stay. As digital banking continues to evolve, the competition to keep and acquire new customers will remain fierce. New digital models that innovate several technologies and integrate them with their products are emerging to appeal to shifting customer needs.

Read our new eBook, Preventing Fraud in the Digital Age: Why Banks Need to Alter Their Approach to Risk Management, to learn more about the latest trends, such as the growth of neo and challenger banks. You will also learn how these trends may impact your strategy for combating fraud while offering your customers a frictionless experience.

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Saved $12,500 per month in fraud losses and generated an additional $365,000 per month in revenue from false positives reduction.

– Asia Pacific Payments Company

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