How to register for Mastercard Connect

Mastercard Connect is a secure global platform that enables Mastercard business customers to onboard, enroll, service, and grow their businesses. You can contact support and access invoices through applications available through Mastercard Connect.  

To register your organization, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM), Partner manager, or for a registration form. Once you’ve filled out the registration form, please send it to Our Online Provisioning Team will process the onboarding of your organization to Mastercard Connect by creating the two Security Administrators (SAs). SAs will then manage user access for your organization. 

If your organization is already registered for Mastercard Connect and you need access, on the Mastercard Connect homepage, go to Sign Up to complete a simple three-step process that requires your business name, business email and business phone number.  

Support Case Management 

Once you have access to Mastercard Connect, go to the Help Center to access Support Case Management to submit support requests.  

Pricing and Billing Resource Center 

Follow the instructions below to sign up for the Pricing and Billing Resource Center (PBRC) to pull invoices, make a one-time payment via credit card, or enroll in AutoPay:

  1. Sign-in to Mastercard Connect with user ID and password/passcode.
  2. Select Store from the bottom left ribbon on the home page.
  3. Look up the Pricing and Billing Resource Center application by searching for keyword pricing. Alternatively, you can select “Billing” (under Business Capability) and “Application” (under item type) to narrow your search to locate the application
  4. Click Request at the bottom right corner of the Pricing and Billing Resource Center application tile.
  5. Select the check boxes next to Pricing Guide, Transaction Detail, and Billing Analytic Tool. Select ICA (or multiple ICAs).
  6. Click request Access, a confirmation page regarding your access request will be displayed.

Once the order is approved, please allow 24-48 hours for the entire suite of self-service options to become available. When prompted, follow the instructions to download and activate the RSA SecurID token issued to you. 
NOTE: Security Administrator orders are automatically approved. For all other users, all orders are sent to the company’s Security Administrator for approval. Depending on the item, it may take several days for the Security Administrator to review and approve the request. The order status can be tracked by going to Track Status.

If you have any questions about Mastercard Connect onboarding, please contact