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Ecommerce Fraud Prevention with Merchant Popularity – Ekata Pro Insight

Merchant Popularity – the number of merchants where an attribute has been seen in recent transactions

Merchant Popularity Pro Insight Solution

In our Pro Insight solution, you’ll find the merchant popularity attribute located in the middle column of the network insights panel. The popularity attribute looks specifically at the number of merchants a phone number, primary address, and secondary address have been seen in previous transactions throughout our network (in the last 90 days).

Examples of the Merchant Popularity Attribute:

  • Phone number has been seen by 33 merchants in the last 90 days
  • Primary address has been seen by 37 merchants in the last 90 days
  • Secondary address has been seen by 32 merchants in the last 90 days

We included the popularity attribute in Pro Insight knowing that fraudsters can acquire identity data or steal identities, but they cannot hide the frequency at which they attempt to transact at a variety of merchants. Combined with velocity, these two attributes provide insight into how often and where an individual is transacting.

The popularity attribute is especially powerful in identifying a scenario where a potential fraudster steals an identity and attempts to transact at multiple merchants before the identity is flagged. In that instance, you would see a high popularity with a 3 bar risk indicator, signifying a high chance that this is fraudulent behavior.

Combined with the velocity and volatility, these attributes can help give you a full picture of the individuals behavior behind the transaction.

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