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Phone Intelligence API

Assess the risk of a digital interaction based on phone number validation, metadata, and activity.

You can learn a lot about a potential customer just based on their phone number. With our Phone Intelligence API, you can provide us with a single customer phone number and receive back detailed and authoritative phone data to identify fake account sign-ups, inform risk models, and segment and analyze databases. Our data insights are here to help streamline your risk assessment and free up good users to transact with your organization.

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How it Works

Provide a phone number for any customer interaction, and you’ll receive valuable information to help you validate the user and determine risk. Below is a sample of what you’ll receive.

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Carrier Information

Identify the company that provides voice or data services for a given phone number.

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Phone Validity Check

Phone numbers are determined to be real or not real, with a valid area code.

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Country Details

Access the country calling code, country code, and country name associated with the phone number.

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Prepaid Account Check

Indicate whether the phone number is associated with a prepaid account.

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How often a number has been observed in Ekata’s Identity Network—a network consisting of over 200 million monthly, anonymized real-world queries—over the past 90 days.

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How many merchants have transacted with this phone number in the past 90 days.

Phone Intelligence API Solves For

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Contact Validation at a Global Scale

Receive detailed and accurate phone data regardless of country. Enable contact validation and decision-making for users all over the world.

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Fraud and Risk Mitigation

Use authoritative phone data to build better risk models that add friction to risky user interactions and help identify fake user account sign-ups.

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Improved Conversation Rates

Use phone data to create low-friction experiences that quickly and confidently approve good users and achieve better conversion rates.

Key Benefits

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Simplify sign-up flows

Only a phone number is needed to support mobile-driven sign-ups, enabling you to assess risk without requiring additional customer input.

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Flag risky users during sign-Up

Use authoritative phone data to flag risky users and deter fraudulent transactions without preventing account opening altogether.

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Route good customers to fast, low-friction experiences

Provide a low-friction transaction experience for good customers by automatically accepting low-risk customer sign-ups.

Phone Intelligence API and Phone Number Validation

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Dive deeper into the technical features of the Phone Intelligence API and review the phone data and network signals provided in the API response.

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Ecommerce and Pre-Authorization Screening

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Increasing eCommerce Sales through Pre-Authorization Screening

As online payments ecosystems evolve, companies are taking a more proactive approach to pre-authorization screening. Learn how to increase payment approvals without sacrificing fraud detection rates.

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