Validate and Evaluate the Risk of Any Address in Fractions of a Second

Risky addresses can cause businesses to incur high costs due to fraud, order reprocessing, customer care hours, customer loyalty, and more. For trust and safety teams, Address Risk API is designed to provide rich metadata and risk signals around any given address and help you predict whether your customer is engaging in fraudulent activity.

Two Sides to Any Address
Using authoritative data and linkages from the Ekata Identity Graph and transaction-level intelligence from the Ekata Identity Network, our data helps you holistically assess the risk of any address that is provided by your customer.

The Address Risk API solution confirms the validity of an address, how it is being used across transactions within our network, and metadata associated with the address that can be used across various use cases such as velocity checks, tumbling, etc. This rich address data helps you identify both high and low risk addresses so you can easily identify fake locations or low risk areas.

Address Data that Moves the Needle
Features in the Address Risk API is centered around the following key capabilities:

    • Unique identifiers – A durable ID that can be used to implement velocity calculation for reseller prevention and promotion abuse
    • Parsed and normalized addresses – Resolve addresses into a consistent format that can be used in risk models and rules systems
    • Validity checks – Verification that an address is valid, to a specific level of precision (e.g. street or unit or subunit)
    • Geo coordinates – Latitude, longitude coordinates that can be used for distance calculations or to check to see if an address falls in geographical risk “zones”
    • Network signals – Predictive patterns around how often an address is used, how many businesses the address has been used at, how many other elements have been used with that address, and when the address was first or last seen in the Identity Network

In addition, the Address Risk API is built around some of our core data pillars: global coverage and low latency to provide you a robust and scalable address risk solution to meet your needs.

Ekata continues to innovate and build new products to support your identity and digital interaction needs. With the launch of Address Risk API, we provide critical data points for any global location to help you identify good and bad addresses encountered within your customer workflows so you can reduce fraud costs and generate more revenue.

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