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Trust Mastercard Identity in your risk model

Utilize the global data set and machine learning behind every identity product to increase revenue and reduce fraud for your business.

Mastercard Identity offers solutions for identity verification, fraud detection and risk assessment.

Our products and solutions are designed to help your business verify the identities of individuals, detect fraudulent activities and assess the risks associated with transactions while maintaining a positive customer experience.

Use cases

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Fake account creation

Streamline the customer onboarding experience by identifying potential bad actors during the account creation process and reducing friction for your legitimate customers.

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Manual fraud review

Analyze traditional and digital data attributes to obtain a comprehensive perspective on the identity associated with a transaction, ensuring thorough investigation.

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Payment authentication

Integrate identity data and enhance your fraud platform, enabling faster authentication of legitimate transactions within milliseconds, empowering your merchants.

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Transaction fraud

Catch fraud early in the purchase process to reduce lost revenue from fraudulent transactions, as well as reducing chargebacks and associated fees.

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Promotion abuse

Establish the credibility of promo code usage and safeguard promotional campaigns, protect revenue and maintain a positive customer experience.

Trusted by over 2,000 companies and partners worldwide

“Mastercard Identity was the missing cog in our fraud toolkit. By combining our internal data and tools, we have turbocharged our platform, making it a well-oiled machine. We have saved our major global airline clients tens of millions of dollars in costs they would otherwise incur without any solution like this in place, and our partnership is stronger than ever.”

– CEO and Founder of Status Match, Mark Ross-Smith

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