In today’s world, everything is digital.

Ekata is here to protect your business. Fraudsters are no longer just attacking large corporations. All e-commerce businesses are at risk. It’s time to invest in reliable and secure digital identity verification solutions.

What does Ekata do for your business?

Information is power, and Ekata’s use of data science and machine learning allows businesses to make informed decisions about their customers accurately.

Ekata’s digital identity verification software works for you

Colorful illustration visualizing the Ekata Identity Network with a series of data point circles, users, location, email and phone data icons

Identity Graph

Our database uses licensed data to discover a person’s digital identity. This proprietary dataset allows you to connect vital information about your customers.

Identity Network

Using patterns of identity elements used online, this network draws data from over 200 million monthly real-world queries. The data predict fraudulent versus legitimate interactions providing risk signals and dynamic decision-making.

Ekata Address Risk API illustration visualizing graphs and data points that make up the risk profile rating for a user

How our customers experience Ekata

“Mastercard Identity was the missing cog in our fraud toolkit. By combining our internal data and tools, we have turbocharged our platform, making it a well-oiled machine. We have saved our major global airline clients tens of millions of dollars in costs they would otherwise incur without any solution like this in place, and our partnership is stronger than ever.”

– CEO and Founder of Status Match, Mark Ross-Smith

Why trust us?

We’re honored to receive multiple awards and recognitions in the tech and e-commerce industry.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Where does Ekata get its data?

We aggregate our data from more than 100 different sources worldwide. There is a great diversity in the types of sources contributing to our Identity Graph database. We cannot say exactly from whom we source our data, but we can provide the types of companies we work with. Our most common data sources are telcos, local postal authorities (e.g., USPS), cable and utilities, directory assistance, and credit bureaus.

Additionally, with our Identity Network, we can analyze billions of historical transactions across our extensive customer base of more than 50M unique monthly users; we use this intelligence for any new transaction. Ekata’s proprietary network monitors linkages and associations across billions of data elements to identify predictable real-time patterns that correspond to the behavior of genuine customers versus those of fraudsters. The scale and diversity of our transaction queries are analyzed through complex machine learning to derive unique velocity, popularity, and volatility features. These proprietary features improve product performance by maximizing predictive lift for businesses to approve more customer transactions and find fraud confidently.

Why is Ekata’s data better than others?

There are three primary reasons why the Ekata data is the best in the market:

  1. Our rigorous data sourcing process involves significant due diligence on where our partners source their data, their viability as a long-term partner for Ekata, and of course, the accuracy/coverage of the data.
  2. We invest significant money and human resources into data science and engineering. Our largest engineering team is our Data Services team which is responsible for onboarding new data sources, developing entity resolution algorithms, and building the technology that powers our Identity Graph. With multiple PhDs and high-level data architects, our high-powered team works tirelessly daily to improve our Identity Graph and provide our customers with the best data.
  3. Lastly, we have a solid product management team obsessed with solving customers’ problems by leveraging the Identity Graph, sophisticated data science, and machine learning to build world-class identity verification products. This team frequently meets with our customers to understand their challenges with identity verification, fraud prevention, risk modeling, etc. This constant feedback directly influences what data we are sourcing, how to ingest it best, and what insights we deliver to our customers.

Does Ekata provide data coverage outside the United States?

Yes, all of our products provide international data coverage.

What is the Identity Risk Score?

Identity Risk Score is available through our identity verification APIs and SaaS solution with a scale of 0-500, with a higher number indicating a riskier transaction and a lower number indicating a less risky transaction.

The score is trained using over 150 features in the Identity Graph and Identity Network, such as metadata of an identity element, or pair features, such as the combination of email and IP address seen together in the last 90 days. These features were selected based on their predictive power and given equal weight to each input type.

Ekata’s customer identity verification software–trusted by over 2,000 companies worldwide


See how Ekata’s identity verification solutions can reduce fraud risk for your business.

Running a business in the digital age comes with new types of risks. Using the best identity verification solutions, you mitigate and protect your company from fraud. Ekata works with you to provide current and accurate information in the constantly changing e-commerce landscape. Try our identity verification software to see if it’s right for you and your business.