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Identity Review 360

Empower manual review agents to quickly assess identity risk, approve good transactions and investigate potential fraud on a global scale.

Provide identity details to receive actionable insights allowing manual review agents to determine the risk probability of any transaction worldwide.

Why use Identity Review 360 identity review?

Identity Review 360 is the only global identity review solution that provides several search options with robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations and a clear and focused user experience. Empower manual review teams to make faster more accurate identity fraud decisions on a global scale with an intuitive graphic dashboard providing a picture of the identity behind a transaction.

The Identity Review 360 interface is tailored for manual review agents, highlighting critical data points that simplify complex fraud decisions.

Make decisions with confidence

Global solution built on over 20 years of vetted data analyzed in real time by machine learning.

Reduce fraud

The power of machine learning flags discrepancies and delivers actionable  risk signals in real time.

Save time, reduce queues

With a single click, auto-fill identity review results for any transaction directly from your platform.

Increase accuracy and elevate the customer experience

Reduce false-positives and increase customer satisfaction by quickly and accurately approving good transactions.

How it works

Identity Review 360 is a SaaS tool specifically designed for manual review, allowing you to quickly assess risk from relevant insights and make a confident decision.

The intuitive dashboard shows a top-line score along with graphic metadata flags to explain the top data indicators influencing the score.

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Positive and negative signals

Get an in-depth look inside how the Identity Risk Score was generated with positive and negative signals that are weighted by impact and listed in order of importance.

Identity Risk Score

Get a quick actionable view of a transaction with a global Identity Risk Score – powered by machine learning, real-time global data and network signals.

Distance calculation map

Use the interactive map to view distances between critical inputs such as IP and shipping and/or billing addresses.

Network Risk Score & signals

Understand how a customer’s identity elements are being used online, such as “primary address and IP were first seen together one month ago.”

Reporting and analytics

View detailed reports on usage, users and coverage – available in graph view, list view and for export.

The right solution for your industry

Choose a solution tailored to your business’ pain points. See the benefits that apply to your industry:

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Improve customer acquisition rates

Consumers demand a prime experience in all digital transactions, including opening an online account.

Mastercard Identity Review 360 data is powered by Ekata and expedites the user experience for good applicants to help meet acquisition goals — while preventing bad actors from using fraudulent identities to gain instant credit, seek loans, launder money or execute breakout schemes.

Verify customers with confidence

Network and Identity Risk Scores deliver predictive signals in real time, providing the confidence to convert good customers with faster onboarding.

Reduce abandonment for thin-file customers

Utilize a dynamic data set of identity elements, linkages, and real-time behavior patterns to confidently validate all legitimate applicants.

Prevent identity fraud

Leverage the power of machine learning to analyze probabilistic risk indicators and determine if the applicant is a real person and are who they claim to be.

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Stop fraud from eating into your bottom line

As more customers move online and fraudsters become more sophisticated, ecommerce companies benefit by identifying fraud before a customer gets to the checkout page. This early prevention reduces false positives and cart abandonment.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confidant sorting of customers into low- and high-risk categories to tailor their experience on your platform accordingly.

Keep sign-up flows simple

Determine risk with minimal information, enabling good customers to onboard and start transacting immediately.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to customers growing your business.

Flag risky users during sign-up

Flag risky users without preventing account opening by adding friction to their experience and deter fraudulent transactions.

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Maintain platform integrity and consumer trust

As fraudsters seek new places to gain a foothold, ensuring they’re not allowed entry into your marketplace is key — and a friction-free identity verification solution that assesses risk upfront can help.

Provide minimal sign-up details to enable quick and confident sorting of users into low- and high-risk buckets to keep bad actors off your platform.

Maintain your reputation

Weed out cybercriminals during account opening to ensure they do not damage your company’s hard-won reputation.

Stop promo fraud

Ensure sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and loyalty discounts are only provided to the people growing your business.

Protect your users

Reject high-risk applications to help ensure the safety of your user base, the health of your platform and the payments ecosystem.


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