Mastercard identity

Smarter identity verification

Global identity data and insights designed to reduce friction, improve conversions and combat fraud.

Identity is the foundation of the digital economy. We empower businesses to see it better.

Mastercard specializes in providing identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. Businesses in ecommerce and financial services utilize Mastercard solutions to identify good customers, stop fraud and minimize friction for an overall great customer experience.

We are here to help your business thrive.

Let our fraud experts and data scientists find the right solution for you, securely.

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key benefits

We leverage model-ready data and insights to support global identity verification

Improve approval rates

Verify a higher volume of legitimate interactions in order to promote customer acquisition and retention, prevent fake accounts and prevent loyalty program abuse and misuse.

Optimize manual review queues

Reduce your risk and approve more good transactions by cross-verifying customer information with credible data.

Reduce payment risk and chargebacks

Decline more fraudulent transactions, protect revenue stream and make accurate risk decisions pre-, post-, and during authorization.

Combat transaction fraud

Enhance fraud prevention and avoid lost revenue by strategically declining suspicious transactions while reducing friction for good customers during checkout.

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