Why Ekata?

Email data is not enough in the fight against fraud. That’s why we offer a single solution that returns email, phone, name, physical address, IP data and network insights.

Reduce chargebacks and increase revenue with Ekata


Saved by companies after we identified
162.5M fraudulent transactions


Additional revenue approved when we
identified over 520M good transactions


Total commerce touched by the 1.3B transactions
we accurately monitor for our 1,100 customers

Cloud infrastructure

We are 100% cloud based and highly available

Identity Graph

8 billion global identity record linkages


Sub 100 millisecond returns, fastest available

Global coverage

Providing risk validation in every country

21 years of experience

Unparalleled data quality, coverage, and accuracy

Customer service

Customer first, with over 102% retention rate

Ekata works with the companies you trust


Five Emerging eCommerce Fraud Threats (eBook)

As eCommerce continues to evolve, fraudsters also adapt and change tactics to thwart fraud management systems and rulesets.

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Peak Season Fraud Trends with GoPro (webinar)

GoPro’s fraud prevention team has more on their plates during the holiday season—as well as during the spikes around new product launches.

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Staples Weighs In on 2018 Fraud Trends (blog)

We’ve been talking to our customers about their biggest challenges and observations throughout the 2017 holiday season.

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Think Outside the Inbox (infographic)

Learn more about why Ekata is the right choice, how we stack up against our competition, and how we think outside the inbox.

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