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Facebook’s Data Breach Impact on Fraud Review is a Wake Up Call

Learn why it’s important to choose data vendors that legitimately source and vet their data.

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Ekata Identity Check Honored with the 2018 Industry Choice Award

In March 2018, our identity verification solutions were recognized by the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

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Paladin Group releases fraud prevention vendor report

The Paladin Vendor Report 2018 includes extensive research of over 40 fraud prevention tools, platforms, and services.

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Check out our latest infographic: Think Outside the Inbox

Learn why Ekata is the right choice, how we stack up against our competition, and how we think outside the inbox.

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Ekata is GDPR compliant

At Ekata, respecting the individual rights of our data subjects is always top of mind. We provide identity verification and fraud prevention services worldwide to protect consumers and their identities – including in the EU where we offer GDPR compliant options to individuals. Our security and privacy team have been working for years to secure personal data and ensure individual rights, and will continue to do so.

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