Webinar: Feature Creep!
Managing model complexity in the fight against fraud

This webinar occurred on April 18, 2018.

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Fighting fraud is a complex business. As new trends emerge across different regions and product lines, it can be a challenge to manage the large amounts of data required to build effective machine learning-based fraud models.

Instead of spending time cleansing and normalizing data from various sources, join our webinar and learn how to optimize your models by:

  • Leveraging robust data sets that improve performance
  • Avoiding the time suck of endless feature engineering and overfitting
  • Consolidating data vendors to focus your horsepower on sophisticated algorithms

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Speaker Bios

Ajay Andrews | Ekata
Director, Product
Ajay Andrews enjoys building new products that solve a deep customer need and taking them to market. At Ekata, he leads the team that built and launched the Confidence Score, leveraging data science and machine learning to create an easy to use and compelling solution.

Trevor Anderson | Ekata
Manager, Solutions Architecture
Trevor manages the Solution Architect team and works closely with companies to craft solutions that improve efficiency, cut cost, and increase revenue using Ekata data. He has more than 10 years of experience in the technical aspects of SaaS and data sales.


Ajay Andrews

Director, Product


Trevor Anderson

Director, Solutions Architecture