Caller Identification API

VIZIO & Ekata

Success Story

The Opportunity

As an award-winning leader in customer service, VIZIO is no stranger to the value of top quality customer support. In the drive towards continual improvement in that arena, VIZIO identified a major opportunity to reduce call duration and improve customer satisfaction by examining time lost when an agent manually inputs customer data.

The Solution

As a champion of efficiency, VIZIO call centers had already been equipped with CTI integration to check incoming phone numbers against their customer database – but they knew they could do better. By adding Ekata Phone Intelligence API to the process they were able to identify unknown phone numbers from new and current customers, and import contact information with just a few clicks. Using the well documented API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Ekata, it only took 2 days to connect VIZIO call centers to the 300 million+ mobile and landline phone numbers in the Ekata database.

When you’re taking close to a million calls a year, that’s a big savings in staff time. That’s proven the return on investment to us.

Scott Patten

Senior Director of VIZIO’s call center operations, when asked about the 31-second decrease in AHT

2 Days
Time it took to connect the Ekata API to Your Company call center systems
Mobile and landline phone numbers in the Ekata database
31 Seconds
Average time saved per call with Ekata phone number intelligence

The Results

After a one month rigorous test, VIZIO concluded that Ekata API integration reduced their call centers’ average handling time by 31 seconds.

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