5 identity attributes
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Reduce risk & increase customer satisfaction

Use our real-time, global identity data to increase approval rates

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Reduce risk & increase customer satisfaction


Companies must accelerate legitimate sign-ups and detect fraud in fractions of a second.

False positives

Due to industry overcorrection, the total amount of false declines is $118B and the amount lost to actual card fraud is $9B.

Expected speed and convenience

Nearly 61% of declined cardholders indicated that they stopped or decreased using their card following a false positive decline.

Low approval rates

Over 33M adults, or 15% of all cardholders, have had at least one transaction incorrectly declined in the past year.


Improve transaction authorization with identity data to maximize revenue and reduce risk.

Speed up authorizations

Process high volumes with low latency APIs to speed up customer authorization process.

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Global data for models

Authorize cross-border transactions confidently with robust global identity data in your machine learning model.

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Identify good transactions

Increase approval rates by improving your risk model and identifying good transactions faster.

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We trust Ekata to accurately verify user contact information. Implementing their services has allowed us to maximize revenue and reduce risk.”

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Arif Momin
Co-Founder, EmagineNET


Ekata global identity APIs provide a clear picture of the identity behind a transaction in fractions of a second.

Real-time enterprise APIs

Global APIs delivered in under 100 ms

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Global data coverage

Identity data in over 170 countries

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Transaction Risk API

Real-time global data and network insights

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