How We Do Data

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Our exceptional team of data gurus navigate global markets to get the most accurate and trustworthy data available. We ingest data from 100+ global sources, yet only 1 in every 10 data sources passes our stringent evaluations.

20 years of experience

For over 20 years we’ve been building and refining our Identity Graph, a graph-structured database that houses over 5 billion global contact records. Unlike static relational databases, it allows for continuous innovation and exceptional speed.

Sophisticated data science

Our data science team rigorously and consistently vets the data and algorithms to provide accurate, rich, and complete global identity data. They handle over 2 billion contact records each month at a rate of over 770 events per second.

Powerful linkages

We curate over 1 million global linkages per day to connect people, phones, addresses, emails, businesses, and IPs, while providing key metadata on each attribute. Businesses worldwide can call a single API and trust that an actionable result will be returned.

A living graph

Our Identity Graph is a fully-integrated, high-availability database of identity data that has been curated and corroborated to deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance. The real power is the linkages that connect people, phones, addresses, emails, and IPs to help businesses confidently assess and verify consumer identities.

  • Email

    We provide email data including the validity status, Identity Graph first-seen date, autogenerated flag, disposable domain association, and the registered person name linked to the email address.

  • Phone

    We provide phone data including validity status, line types - including non-fixed VoIP, the carrier name among 5k+ global carriers, a pre-paid flag, the phone subscriber's name, and a link to an associated address.

  • Address

    We provide address data including validity status, mail deliverability, address type, the resident’s name, and links to a phone number associated with the address.

  • IP Address

    We provide robust IP data including geolocation, proxy status, connection type, and distance from both a customer’s input address and phone number.

  • Name

    The power of the Identity Graph is the ability to link a person’s name to the other data attributes on a transaction, application, or other identity record. We can link a name to an email address, a phone number, and an address.

Worldwide Coverage

We return identity data in over 170 countries to help global companies quickly validate and verify the good identities while spotting potential risk.

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