Shubert success story

Online Ticketing Platform Calls Curtains on Fraudulent Orders

Success Story

By adding Ekata to their existing Accertify platform, The Shubert Organization can more quickly respond to fraud trends in order to help maximize sales to Broadway shows while keeping fraudsters out of their system.

Telecharge is a division of The Shubert Organization (America’s oldest professional theatre company), and provides online, phone, and in-person ticketing services for Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, and other events around the country. They handle 125,000 transactions per month, and as with any seamless production, Telecharge’s success stems from backstage: in this case the team of manual review agents working to keep fraudsters out of the system.

Telecharge had been using Accertify alone before integrating Ekata’s Identity Check API two years ago. They were looking for a way to more quickly react to changing trends like phone fraud, which fraudsters use in order to bypass automatic flags around IP addresses. Since implementing Ekata, Telecharge has been more easily able to respond to phone fraud with rules like phone-to-name match, address-to-name match, and email first seen data to then trigger manual reviews for orders that truly look risky.

Richard Lewis,

Chargeback and Fraud Prevention Manager at The Shubert Organization,

said best of all implementing Ekata was incredibly painless:

I like Ekata because it’s nice and simple for both me and my representatives, and the training time takes about 10 minutes. Before, training had to be more detailed because there were tools that just weren’t in the platform. That also meant a lot of order releases were more based on hunches as opposed to facts. Before, agents were just giving their best educated guesses for things like what the origins of an email were. But Ekata gives you real data, like the date when the email was created.


Fast response time to industry trends

Fraudsters are constantly using new techniques. Fortunately, Ekata is easy to customize, allowing Telecharge to quickly write new rules to trigger certain behaviors and adapt rapidly to different trends in the business.


Speed good orders through quickly

Fraud prevention isn’t just about catching the villains. Telecharge uses Ekata to reduce friction for valuable customers by writing positive rules that give credit for things like email longevity and IP distance from the phone.


Hit target review volumes

In an effort to balance fraud prevention with staffing costs, Telecharge can regularly tweak rules to ensure 4-5% of orders on average gets manually reviewed.

Ekata has become part of our routine now. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to do Accertify without it. It’s definitely a useful tool, and the reps are very responsive.

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