Appliance Retailer Powers Up its Data
and Makes it Kount

Success Story

See how Ekata and Kount partner to help SharkNinja automate transaction decisions, streamline processes, and drastically reduce fraud chargebacks with the Identity Check API.

SharkNinja came flying out of the retailing sea in 2015 after the rebranding of a successful and fast-growing household appliance company known for its Shark vacuums and Ninja appliances. But as with any internet retailer, fraud was an issue. When chargebacks topped 7% of daily revenue, the SharkNinja team decided more needed to be done to fight back.


Leyder Flores, Director of Operations, explains the challenge and solution:

We had a third-party fraud-prevention application, but it didn’t allow us to truly understand customers’ identity data. After we brought Kount on board to handle the fraud piece, an additional layer of information was needed to reduce unnecessary order cancellations. We chose Ekata because of the accuracy of the data, price point, and the continuous updates and improvements to its database. With these two tools in place, we’re now below the industry average with respect to chargebacks. And Ekata has evolved so much over the past two years, keeping us confident that we are changing with the needs of our customer base.


Manual Reviews Down 90+%

SharkNinja’s focus on automation allowed them to reduce the number of orders in manual review to fewer than 10% of their total transaction volume.


90+% Chargeback Reduction

With Kount and Ekata, SharkNinja’s chargebacks have dropped drastically. With the ability to determine the good customers quickly and find the fraud on the orders that really need review, hefty fines from credit card companies are a thing of the past.


40% Less Time Per Review

The Identity Check API integration directly in Kount Complete simplifies the fraud review team’s workflow. With a more powerful fraud network and identity verification data surfaced in one place, agents spend up to 40% less time per order during manual review.

Not only has Ekata added new features that allow us to make even smarter decisions when it comes to releasing or cancelling orders, it offers seamless integration with our fraud-prevention provider, Kount. That means we don’t have to go to multiple tools. The benefits from the power of this partnership means happier customers and less fraud.

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